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I’ve been gone for a long time. I started this blog intending to improve my writing, but I’ve been negligent. I hoping to change that though in the coming weeks as much as I can, and hopefully, my renewed efforts will not again be reduced to the empty promises I have so often made. To whomever reads this, please know … Continue reading


Because I just finished a book and I have thoughts

Whenever I’ve finished a book that I really like, I always feel inspired to write. Well, most of the time. Sometimes books really affect me emotionally, and I become apathetic and just think about everything that I experienced in the pages and how I wish it never ended but was also glad it did. My sentences are kind of rambling right now, but I think … Continue reading


Halloween 2012

It’s Halloween. Up here in New England it’s already completely dark. The kids are trick-or-treating. The students on campus are all dressed up in their costumes either studying or trick-or-drinking. Some might opt out of a party and watch a scary movie instead. I’m not doing either. I don’t have a costume this year, and frankly, I do not like scary movies. I’ve always disliked … Continue reading