Halloween 2012

It’s Halloween. Up here in New England it’s already completely dark. The kids are trick-or-treating. The students on campus are all dressed up in their costumes either studying or trick-or-drinking. Some might opt out of a party and watch a scary movie instead. I’m not doing either. I don’t have a costume this year, and frankly, I do not like scary movies.


Girl with the green ribbon.


From Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark. How is this not scary?!

I’ve always disliked horror films, television shows, stories because I get scared so easily. It’s completely irrational, but I would much rather save myself from the anxiety of being scared than hear about anything supernatural or whatever. I just get too creeped out! For example, when I was little, maybe five years old, I read the first Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark. I remember being frightened out of my mind reading those stories and seeing those illustrations.  Then I had this other book with a story about a girl with a green ribbon around her neck. Her head falls off when the ribbon was untied. That story still freaks me out.

Then there were the stories in my hometown about spirits and haunted houses, and trust me, there are quite a few. Some of the legends included la llorona, lechuza, and the donkey lady. There are many others, but these three scared me the most as a kid, especially the donkey lady. She kept me awake at night with the covers close to my head. Today, however, it’s not the donkey lady that I fear. Lately I’ve been extremely paranoid about the slender man. I’d post a picture, but he creeps me out way to much. I don’t even know why.

So these are the kinds of things that scare me. Supernatural stuff. Thus, incidentally, I have a lot of trouble watching horror films without getting scared and my eyes widening. I even get scared at poorly made horror films like the remake of Amityville Horror. I saw it when I was fourteen with some other people my age. No one was scared but me. Several of them had even seen the movie before, and they were completely unaffected. I played it cool, but my heart was pumping fast.


Dean and Sam Winchester from Supernatural. Apparently, this show is a big deal.

Recently I’ve started watching the show Supernatural about two brothers who fight off demons and spirits. A friend of mine convinced me to watch it. I can’t really seem to get into it, but so far I’ve seen a few episodes that frightened me in a way I hadn’t experienced since I was a kid.

I don’t know why people like being scared. I say that because there are dozens of horror films that come out every year, and people go see them. People like the thrill of those films or the thrill of being in a haunted house. They like the mystery and excitement. I’m not that kind of person. The most thrill I’ll take is what you feel when you ride a roller coaster or watch an action/dramatic film. (No Country For Old Men is really good one. There is so much paranoia involved.)

So because of my irrational dislike for being scared, I have opted to eat candy in the comfort of my own room, watch something funny, and, of course, catch up on some reading for class. This is certainly not the most exciting Halloween, but it’s low key (not Loki), and I’m fine with it.

Happy Halloween everyone!


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