The Worst Blogger

I am the worst blogger.

There. I said it. It has been over a year since I last posted, and my last few posts, including this one, have consisted of me saying how I am going to do better and post more often. Ha!

Don’t get me wrong, I think the blogosphere is very fulfilling medium. It can help people think, contest, humor, inform, enchant, and most of all extract themselves. This last thing is what blogging does for me.

I am not a confident writer, and I’m often ashamed by my writing. I feel that my words are meaningless. Who would want to read my words? I have nothing interesting to say. But this is not true. Well, not entirely. It is highly likely that no one will ever read my posts or find my blog appealing enough to follow, but this medium…it’s a self exercise; it’s a way to improve and become confident. By publishing blog posts, I can learn how to share myself and lessen my anxiety over thinking that I am constantly going to fail. So what if no one ever reads my posts? The only way I will have failed is by not posting at all.

I suppose that since I have not been posting recently I have failed, considering my above statement. Well, I’m posting now. I cannot guarantee that there will be future posts, and if there are, I cannot guarantee that they will be frequent. I do enjoy this medium of blogging, and I do think that it really will help me overcome my fear of failure and even criticism.

That’s it (for now).

(I realize this is a very awful ending, and should my middle school English teacher read this, she would scold me to no end.)


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