Halloween 2012

It’s Halloween. Up here in New England it’s already completely dark. The kids are trick-or-treating. The students on campus are all dressed up in their costumes either studying or trick-or-drinking. Some might opt out of a party and watch a scary movie instead. I’m not doing either. I don’t have a costume this year, and frankly, I do not like scary movies. I’ve always disliked … Continue reading

College Life


I admit, I’m not the most productive person. I really only go the extra mile when I am very interested in something, which tends to go for all people. That’s also generally people’s favorite subjects or things are those they are good at. But I’m excited about something I might not necessarily be “good” at. I stumbled upon some do-it-yourself (diy) crafts earlier, and they … Continue reading

College Life / Thoughts

Rant Rant Rant

The other day I was sitting in my environmental science class when my professor said something along the lines of, “It will be your job to get fix this.” She was referring to all the damage that humans have caused in the environment such as depleting water sources and resources and emitting harmful pollutants into the air. My professor, well, she’s a … Continue reading

College Life

Winding Down

Two things are winding down right now: me and the semester. I’m rather sleepy, but I drank some tea containing caffeine not too long ago, so I need to relax a bit even though I’m already tired. But I’m not just tired physically. I’m tired of school. I know I just had a short break because of Thanksgiving, but those few … Continue reading